It’s crystal clear why hundreds of people over the years have enjoyed getting together to conduct their luncheon and daytime gatherings, celebrate anniversary’s, birthday’s, weddings, holidays, corporate events and other memorable special occasions at Nicks Italian Restaurant.

At Nick’s Italian Restaurant we also realize, in addition to one’s budget, having your event at a convenient and safe location should also be a good intentioned concern where Nick’s Italian Restaurant is conveniently located on Broward county’s beautiful Galt Ocean Mile, 2 block’s north of Oakland Park Blvd.

Last, when planning your event, Nick’s Italian Restaurant knows sometimes the date(s) available may not always coincide with the date you have planned. That’s why we highly suggest the importance of planning – if possible – months ahead. Rest assured, at Nick’s Italian Restaurant, we have the years of party planning experience under our belt and can help plan your event right down to the minute details!

At Nick’s Italian Restaurant we have an assortment of intimate private party options available for any budget and proudly specialize in parties from 20 to 100, where we guarantee to make your private party/event a worry free – highly enjoyable celebration – that will be fun, memorable and talked about for years to follow. At Nick’s Italian Restaurant we have proven and cost effective ways to offer a combination of dining solutions specifically tailored to fit your specific party/event needs. Our number one priority is making our customers happy where Nick’s fulfills their wishes in the best way Nicks Italian Restaurant can, by having flexibility, combined with understanding and, our outstanding value that upholds our cuisine trademark.

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